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Mental Health

Do you suffer from mental health issues? Lingoskype is, surely, your ultimate solution. Beside the lingual aid that is the core of our business, we have professional counsellors who have diversified knowledge in all the major spoken languages in the world. Our counsellors are reachable through a 24-hour service call center covering large time zones and reachable in a wide range of languages. Therefore, our potential Spanish/ English/ Arab/ German/ Indian clients can conveniently get the help they need at any time of the day at the comfort of their homes.


Everyone wants to be multilingual in the world of today for numerous reasons. Do you need to talk to your family members and friends in different parts of the world? Learning foreign languages opens countless opportunities for you. We recognize that time is precious and it’s hard to commit to a long process, like learning a language. Lingoskype makes this easy by bringing the teacher to you! Our experienced tutors will teach you tailored lessons at a time and place convenient to your circumstances, schedule, and needs, including providing Online Courses, so you can learn from the comfort of home

Communication Lessons

Do you prefer online instruction over face-to-face lessons? If that is so, then our online language courses are tailored for you. These are perfect for individuals who want to learn remotely or small groups whose members cannot all meet in the same place physically. We also have open group courses for those who want to study a language while making international friends and participating in enriching cultural exchange with people from different parts of the world.

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We offer private language classes – on a one-to-one or closed group basis – which are built around our students’ individual needs in terms of scheduling, location, course content and material. We work only with fully trained and professional native language instructors with at least two years of practical teaching experience. These are some of the most popular languages we teach:


















For more information about our courses in any of these languages, please contact the Language Trainers team.