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Referral Programs

Lingoskype Language Translators grants you 17% of what the client referred by you spends with us, for the life of that client! If your client is not decided yet, no worries, if they buy our services 30 days later, you still get a commission. After that first buy, even 3 years later, if your client gets back to us with more work, you’ll still get your commission!

We provide you with everything you need in order to effectively promote our referral translation program. That includes banners, flyers, brochures, pens, all sent to you for free! All you need to do is hand them over to your clients, and we’ll do the rest! Need custom content? We can do that for you!

Still not sure this is a good choice for you? Get in touch with us by using the following form and request a call back, or a conversation via Skype, or an online meeting with our affiliate manager or even our owner if needed and we will answer all your questions and give you some ideas on how to promote our affiliate program. We’ll get back to you shortly by email to set up the meeting.

Head Office

Lingoskype Language Translators has a worldwide network of qualified and experienced native-speaking language teachers. Our head office deals with administration, course development, academic support, and matching teachers with learners.


All of our experienced trainers are native speakers (or have a native-speaker level of the language taught) with appropriate teaching qualifications. They are locally based to reduce your expenses and travel time.


The directors of Language Trainers have worked at all levels in the language industry, from thousands of hours teaching to running schools. They are also dedicated language enthusiasts, speaking many languages between them.

Every year, we provide more than 2,000 courses in 80+ languages to over 5,000 students in 250+ cities and more than 15 countries. Whether our customers are based in the USA or abroad, our specialist team can connect them with local and professional tutors of any language.

We prioritize the client’s convenience. Our teachers will come to the office, to homes, or a mutually agreed public place, and lessons can take place at any time of day. Teaching subject-matter and exercises are designed according to the learning goals and ability of each student, whether they want to learn a language to fluency or focus on a specific area, such as business, family, travel, passing an exam, or healthcare.

Preferred Supplier

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