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Addiotional Services

Business Development Booking

Business development activities extend across different departments, including sales, marketing, project management, product management, and vendor management. Networking, negotiations, partnerships, and cost-savings efforts are also involved. Lingoskype connects you with the most reliable consultants who would give you the best insights on how to develop your business and company at large. Bookings are not confirmed until official enrolment confirmation is provided by Lingoskype Skype. Our business development consultants are generally responsible for helping companies to identify business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions. With these responsibilities, their position plays a crucial role in any company’s growth and success.

Corporate Training

Corporate training is the process of training employees through a system of activities that educate employees by using various forms of learning programs. It acts as a catalyst to success for employees, which, in turn, means the success of your business/organization as a whole. Employees consider training as such an integral part of their work lives. Lingoskype recognizes that all employees need to be oriented with different economic models to be efficient and productive in their work. We offer corporate training to employee groups through Skype, where your employees will meet accomplished professionals who also double as your consultants. We apply Learning Management System or LMS which is a famous route for most organizations regarding online corporate training. It simplifies the process of training and evaluation of employees and helps in keeping track of their progress.

Assignment Help

Do you have problems completing your academic tasks on time? Lingoskype offers you with assignment help, including takeaways and online examinations. If you want customized assignment solutions, you can talk to our support team and mention your requirements. Once you receive your quote, process your secure transaction through credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers in an instant. Payments are fast, easy and secure with many options provided like apple pay, google pay, visa, Mastercard, discover, American Express, Alipay and many more. Our assignment helps experts start writing the papers as soon as the payment is done. The writers work fast to complete the task within the deadline. You will receive your assignment in your registered account prior to the submission deadline.

Academic Coaching

We offer high value academic coaching through our online services. Academic Coaching is the one-on-one process of helping a student examine academic concerns and perceived barriers to success. In the event that students are unable to attend lessons due to illness, these sick days will not be added to the end of the course period. Our coaches provide individual semester-long support, assess the student’s strengths and needs, and devise a personalized plan of action in the following areas:

  1. Time management
  2. Procrastination
  3. Exam preparation
  4. Note taking
  5. Reading strategies

Students can also choose to work through our resources on their own.

Academic Clinics

Lingoskype offers academic clinic is a support service available for all students. We provide an opportunity for students who need help with their tough subjects, including calculus ODE, statistics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, general biology, molecular biology, and physics. The program is structured by highly qualified personnel who have extensive knowledge in all subjects taught across the world. We know that technical subjects require auxiliary support to understand and that is why we introduced the academic clinic project to boost your understanding of all topics in all subjects.

Interview Coaching

Here at Lingoskype, our experienced coaches truly understand and can relate to your current situation. Connect with one of our coaches and get one-on-one assistance rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Every one of our coaches has been vetted by our management team. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you will be dealing with the best in the business. Of the skills you will learn include:

  1. All of the necessary interview skills needed to get hired.
  2. Alternative approaches to help you stand out over others.
  3. Effective communication, how to project confidence, & how to eliminate nervousness
  4. Rebuttals to situational, behavioral, & stress questions.
  5. Analysis of your strengths & weaknesses identified & corrected through our mock interviews
  6. What questions to expect; best answers & proper body language/energy
  7. Explanations regarding job changes and gaps of employment

Mental Coaching

Lingoskype mental coaches say that each human performance act requires an individual to efficiently integrate a unique combination of physical fitness, technical expertise, tactical strategy, and psychological skills. Our mental coaches are experts in the field of sport and performance psychology and understand how decision making, beliefs, images, and feelings affect and are affected by performance acts. Mental coaches utilize this expertise to assist performers to develop their ability to be focused, determined, committed, and confident in all performance circumstances.  Our consultants offer psychological skills through a systematic training program designed to utilize the performers’ strengths, address self-imposed weaknesses while remaining focused on achieving targeted goals even in the face of unexpected challenge. Through Lingoskype, you can be sure that your input in whichever field will be enhanced and this will mean incredible individual growth.

  1. Time management
  2. Procrastination
  3. Exam preparation
  4. Note taking
  5. Reading strategies

Students can also choose to work through our resources on their own.

Business Coaching

Whether you are running a small, local business or looking to build a worldwide company, the benefits of business coaching cannot be overstated. We offer full-packaged business coaching sessions where you will be mentored by our accomplished entrepreneurs and consultants. Running a business can often feel like a very solitary pursuit. However, as with most things in life, having an experienced mentor that you can rely on is one of the most valuable resources available to business owners. Sure, there are countless online articles and Ebooks on how to build and grow a business, but, at the end of the day, every business is unique and generic advice is hardly a suitable substitute for personalized guidance. Do not be left behind when Lingoskype is offering business coaching through Skype.

Addiction Coaching

Addictions are trends and behaviors that may be hard to turn around on your own. However, with a reliable coaching staff, you can pull yourself together and be able to walk again. LINGOSKYPE offers addiction coaching services that connects you back to reality and helps you continue serving your purpose in life. By engaging with Lingoskype and the coaching teams therein, you will be able to connect daily with other people in recovery, manage a routine, talk about your experiences (both good and bad) and achieve more clarity about your life. You will get support and proper coaching, with daily calls, regular face to face meeting, ongoing coaching, and connections to help you recover.